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Political Action Committee

An important benefit of membership is the political advocacy on the behalf of builders at the local, state, and national levels. Contributions to the Political Action Committee Fund (PAC Fund) help ensure that builders are heard when politicians begin discussing and enacting laws that affect the building industry. BUILD-PAC is bipartisan–supporting both Democrats and Republicans–and helps elect qualified pro-housing, pro-business candidates to federal office.

Why give to IBA’s Political Action Committee?

Did you know that the Indiana Builders Association (IBA) has a Political Action Committee (PAC)? Do you know what a PAC is or why IBA needs one? Do you know how IBA’s PAC helps you and your business? After reading this, the answer to these questions will be a resounding YES!

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary a PAC is “a group formed (as by an industry or an issue-oriented organization) to raise and contribute money to the campaigns of candidates likely to advance the group’s interests.”

Let’s say, for instance, that 25 close friends all share a strong desire to improve the roads in Indiana. In order to accomplish this goal, they need elected officials to pass a law that allocates funds to road improvement projects. Unfortunately for those friends, a majority of the elected officials in office believe that road improvement is not an important issue, and that they should instead spend our state’s tax dollars teaching table manners to chimpanzees. The group of friends decide that they need more elected officials who share their belief that road funding is an important issue.

So they all agree to contribute $50 each to a single fund for the purpose of supporting the current elected officials that support road funding (they don’t want to lose them) and also support new candidates that share their belief in improving Indiana’s roads. Each of the elected officials (both current and new) receive financial support from the group of friends because they share a belief that spending money on improving roads is more important than teaching table manners to chimpanzees. But chimpanzee supporters don’t give up so easily.

A neighbor can’t stand quality roads and absolutely loves pot holes. But he cannot stand chimpanzees’ lack of etiquette. So he gets some of his friends together and they contribute $60 each to keep the chimpanzee supporters in office and even try to get new ones elected. What the neighbor and the group of friends have done, in effect, is start PACs. They want laws that reflect a certain specific belief system, and one of the ways to do that is to help people get elected who share a similar set of beliefs.

IBA shows its support for candidates and elected officials who believe in safe and affordable housing through its PAC, the Association to Build a Better Indiana (ABBI).

There are many other PACs out there like ours, but their mission is harmful to homeowners, home builders, and remodelers. How do you feel about a law requiring the installation of fire sprinklers in homes? There’s a PAC for that. What about laws creating new impact fees? There’s a PAC for that too. All these PACs support issues that are important to their PAC donors, but would hurt housing affordability and safety – as well as your bottom line because it means more expensive homes which lead to lower demand and fewer sales.

That is why it is so important for members to donate to ABBI. As home builders and remodelers, we have a collective interest in making sure that pro-housing candidates are elected and remain in office. Without funding, we leave it to luck and chance to determine whether pro-housing candidates are elected or not. Your bottom line is too important to you and the state of Indiana to let that happen.

Keep your business healthy by giving to ABBI. After you give your voluntary contribution to ABBI, you can sleep well at night knowing you have done your part to protect housing in Indiana.

Frequently Asked Question About BUILD-PAC

What is BUILD-PAC?

BUILD-PAC, or Builders United in Legislative Decisions Political Action Committee, is the political action committee of the NAHB. BUILD-PAC is bipartisan–supporting both Democrats and Republicans–and helps elect qualified pro-housing, pro-business candidates to federal office.

Who can contribute to BUILD-PAC?

Legally, only NAHB members can be solicited for BUILD-PAC contributions. All MCBA Associate and Builder members are NAHB members.

Why should I contribute to BUILD-PAC?

BUILD-PAC is your voice at the national level. BUILD-PAC has strength in numbers – the more members who support BUILD-PAC, the stronger our voice is in the political process.

Why can’t BUILD-PAC use my dues money?

Under federal law, the use of member dues to help elect candidates to federal office is strictly prohibited. Those who contribute, contribute voluntarily. Additionally, BUILD-PAC can only accept personal contributions and dues are often paid with corporate funds.

Who determines which candidates receive BUILD-PAC support?

Members like you. A 100+ member Board of Trustees decides which candidates receive BUILD-PAC support. Trustees are nominated by State Presidents.

Can BUILD-PAC accept corporate checks?

It is against federal law for a political action committee to contribute corporate contributions to candidates. Corporate contributions will go towards BUILD-PAC’s administrative expenses.

What if I only have cash?

BUILD-PAC is allowed to receive cash contributions, but cash contributions cannot exceed $100. BUILD-PAC is also allowed to receive anonymous contributions, but they cannot exceed $50.

How can I learn more about BUILD-PAC?

Please call BUILD-PAC staff at (800) 368-5242, ext. 8470 or visit