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Take advantage of unparalleled member-to-member discounts. Plus, joining BASCI makes you a member of the Indiana Builders Association (IBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Community Engagement

Our members are dedicated to the local community. They donate countless hours and materials to other nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Clubs, The Warehouse and more.

Peer Networking

We host a variety of events and activities where members can build relationships within the industry. Don't miss these opportunities for business support and increased sales.

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We welcome all upstanding companies directly or indirectly involved in building homes.

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$613 per year
  • For members directly involved in building homes
  • Including small-volume builders, production builders, light commercial builders, and remodelers
  • Protect and grow your industry
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$613 per year
  • For those providing products or services to home builders
  • Associates sell lumber, windows, appliances, etc. or offer services such as mortgage finance
  • Increase your involvement in the industry
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Everyone should have the right to fulfill their dream of home ownership.

Our members work hard to promote the ideas to help meet this goal. The industry promotes well-designed, well-constructed and appropriately located homes in attractive communities, with easy access to educational, religious, recreational, and shopping facilities. The promotion of continuous improvement in financing will allow every purchaser to receive the greatest value for his or her investment. The businesses on this site are active members of BASCI and they subscribe and adhere to our Code of Ethics.

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