Building Association of South Central Indiana

BASCI Code of Ethics

The active members of this Association shall be limited to those persons and firms who subscribe and adhere to the following Code of Ethics.

A. Members of the Building Association of South Central Indiana believe that:

  1. Home ownership can and should be within the reach of every American family.
  2. American homes should be well designed, well constructed, and well located in attractive communities, with educational, recreational, religious, and shopping facilities accessible to all.
  3. American homes should be built under the American free enterprise system.

B. To achieve these goals, we pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies:

  1. Our paramount responsibility is to our customer, our community, and our country.
  2. Honesty is our guiding business policy.
  3. High standards of health, safety, and sanitation shall be built into every home.
  4. Members shall deal fairly with their respective customers, employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers.
  5. As members of a progressive industry, we encourage research to develop new materials, new building techniques, new building equipment, and improved methods of financing, to the end that every purchaser may receive the greatest value for their investment.
  6. All sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and the people we serve shall have our informed vigorous support.

We hold inviolate the free enterprise system and the American way of life. We pledge our support to
the local, state, and national association and all related industries concerned with the preservation of
legitimate rights and freedoms.

We assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that they are part of our obligation as
members of the Building Association of South Central Indiana (BASCI).