The Building Association of South-Central Indiana (BASCI), formerly the MCBA, has transitioned in order to better represent the areas in which we serve (Bartholomew, Brown, Monroe and Owen County). Throughout 2015, consumers and members will see us updating over our information to reflect this change. This website is a resource for businesses in the home building industry, as well as future home buyers and those looking to renovate their home. BASCI is an association dedicated to the belief that all Americans should have the right to fulfill their dream of home ownership. Our members work hard to promote the ideas to help meet this goal. The industry promotes well-designed, well-constructed and appropriately located homes in attractive communities, with easy access to educational, religious, recreational, and shopping facilities. The promotion of continuous improvement in financing will allow every purchaser to receive the greatest value for his or her investment.The businesses on this site are active members of this Association and subscribe and adhere to our Code of Ethics.

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